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Ableton Icon

Ableton Ready

With a custom remote script, no manual mapping is necessary! Simply select any device and have it's parameters mapped to your Cenx4.

Open Source Icon

Open Source

Everything about the Cenx4 is open source. The firmware, hardware, web control/update application and Ableton remote script. Want a new feature? If you're comfortable with coding, you can do anything you want.

Midi Icon

Midi Standard

Cenx4 uses standard MIDI over USB. No need for any special drivers. Encoders transmit standard MIDI CC messages and the OLED displays are controlled via SysEx messages.

The Body
OLED displays
A single Cenx4 module has two OLED display modules, each with a 128x64 resolution.
24-Click Rotary Encoders
The Cenx4 has four 24 detents encoders that also act as push-buttons.
USB Connection
Connect your Cenx4 to your computer using a standard USB B cable.
The Guts
Cortex M4 MCU
Each Cenx4 uses a powerful STM32F303 Cortex M4 processor running at 72MHz with 40KB of SRAM. You'll have plenty of hardware resources to customize your Cenx4 however you want!
2MB Serial Flash
An auxilary 2MB SPI flash is included for storing custom configurations, bitmaps, alternative firmwares, etc.
CAN Bus Protcol
Cenx4 modules network together using a robust CAN Bus protocol. Daisy chain multiple Cenx4 together for more control. You can even use it as a way to connect to other devices.
Modular Design
Modular designs makes it possible to build in any configuration. Want more encoders? Just chain more Cenx4s together.
Preorder a Device
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